Crazy thought, but we might fix this after all

We know we are outgunned and outmanned with current inexperienced roster.

But if coaches can correct some very correctable things: tackling and eligible formations among them, this is a whole different game.

And if second half Starkel had a full game of leadership and swagger that the young kids seem to respond to, who knows.

Another TD pass called back could have been another huge lift.

Can this coaching staff become high tier SEC level who knows. They need more players for sure but for now I’m hopeful they can make some very correctable adjustments to give this inexperienced team a fighting chance to improve and get out of this hole.

I agree!!

We do need more talent. Its true. But Morris and his staff did bring in some really talented freshmen.

Thing is, other SEC teams have multiple classes like our freshman class. A talented junior or even sophomore is just better than a freshman.

Last night there were stretches when we had two freshman defensive ends, a freshman at nickel, , a freshman at LG, and two freshman WR’s. On top of that, we have first year starters with limited experience at one corner, free safety, and in a sense, QB.

This team needs to mature. We would have benefitted from a schedule like the old days. Cupcakes first. Real season following.

Exactly. No one wants to hear this and and anyone can see we need more recruits.

But this team did not like this loss.

More than everyone throwing in the towel on a program after Petrino care to admit.

I may be in minority but I think there will be maximum effort to beat Colorado State and keep improving.

Anyone can kick you when you are obviously down. Doesn’t take much ability to kick.

I think this game the turning point.

Support these kids.

Your U and precious admin did not.

Get behind a tough turn around in our house or keep supporting the enemy and come back when convenient.

We have stunk majority of last 25 years.


Some flashes. But yes.

Program is irrelevant. And fans pouring gas are ensuring it.

Get behind something that might - just might work.

It’s more than we have really had in almost a decade.

If we are as low as it can go, let’s build and win.

Morris didn’t create this mess.

But he was one of very few who raised his hand and said I will try to turn around what has barely worked last almost three decades.

No conference title since the 80’s.

Think about that.

As fans we have to support these kids. They are out there working hard to improve and they are “our” young men. They deserve support and appreciation no matter if they win or lose.

Jump on the coaches, administrators and powers that be. But the kids deserve our support.

We have nowhere to go but up.

Think you both for these comments. I got discouraged about our football program five years ago (see my reference to wins and losses on my tag line) but I love my university and my fellow rabid Hawgs fans. I also 110% am behind the men and players who are working to correct this. These young players want to win and turn this around. Just gotta win some games and stop going backward.