Crazy thing is...

Our offense played well. That defense though. Geez. How is our D-line this bad?

Agim missed the first quarter against Ole Miss and they torched us. He missed the last three quarters today. And they torched us. I don’t think those are coincidences.

Poor recruiting and coached by an NFL coffee go getter. These last two lines hire - Glorified NFL grad assistants - are laughable!

They touched us when he was in there. Didn’t matter.

They torched us today in the first quarter with Agim in the game, did you miss that?

I think we have guys with talent other than Agim, just not enough of them. My main problem is we have zero pass rush. If you can’t get there with your front guys against CC, then we’ll never get there.

Zero pass rush against a Sunbelt OL with four freshman.

Lord have mercy

Costal played most of the game without its 1st team quarterback. Let that sink in for a minute.

Why are we never fired up to play? It has been this way the whole year.

Bret doesn’t strike me as the type of guy that gets anyone fired up. But you’d figure there are some coaches on this staff that would, it is certainly a problem!

Yes! A good SEC team would have been able to throw in their 2nd team and still get a good rush ALL DAY LONG.

Pride is the word that comes to mind when I think about these kind of comebacks against two teams with lame-duck coaches and backup QB’s and the latter losing by 34 points to A-State. I say that while cutting eye holes in a Target grocery sack to put over my head while reading anything about the Hogs.