Crazy Lineup again!!!

Beard , Thompson, Thomas at the same time


Beard shouldn’t see the floor ever

Don’t know about that but gotta hit those point blanks, between last night and the 1st 15 min we’ve left some points out there

without Beard they outscored vandy by 21 with him vandy +5

hes in now watch what happens

You seem to be a hater on him, did he pass one of those funny 20’s on you?

Ha ha. No. I like the kid but he is a little selfish when in the game. Doesn’t play defense.
Did u see him sling those two 3’s early in the shot clock?
Went from 27 up to 13 up.

Haha. You’re going down with ship, guess.

4 steals. Some during our big run. “No defense”. Blah. I actually agree that his role should be limited. But no role for him. That’s dumb.

Nobody thinks he’s the best player on the team, but we need more than 5-6 players. It’d be nice if we had 12 AA’s on the team, but we don’t. He’s an important part of the team. Given the outcome of the game, I’m confident MA made the right decision on when & how much to play each player.

Comments: That’s a good one :lol:

he wasn’t on the floor during the big run at the start of the second half, he was at the beginning when vandy made up the early 9-0 deficit

he was on the floor when the lead went from 27 to 13

4 steals late in the second half means very little. using that stat is dumb

he played 3 more min than Macon, that is dumb

not looking at the score difference while he is in the game, that is dumb,

Beard had 3 of his steals in the first half, 1 in the second half

If you are going to come at him, at least do it with accurate stats

Beard takes plays off especially on defense. I’m not surprised we lose ground when in he’s in the game…

Fail. Again.

Yea and you should never post

Post when you don’t know what you are taking about, that is dumb.

Beard needs to get back to his play from his freshmen year. He has failed to pass on fast breaks like last night he had Cook open on the break for a dunk and he went in for a zero. That’s not the normal. He has hit big shots for the hogs and made huge defensive plays we need him to be effective and confident when he is on the floor! Beard isn’t the major flaw we have. We need our 4’s to rebound and play defense. On offense be around the rim screening and getting offensive putbacks.
Thomas has shown signs and flashes this year but the guards need to be shooting the outside shots. Thomas had the ball in back court today and double dribbled.
They will all make mistakes but they are our hogs. Let’s cheer for them and be happy for what they have achieved.
Beard is only a junior we have him one more year and we need him to play inspired.
Just wondering are you perfect and never made a mistake?

Beard has been in a slump. However, he’s shot over 36% from three for the entire conference season. He should absolutely be taking open treys. He’s first among the guards in steal rate and assist rate in conference and second in least TO rate. I don’t think Beard was the only player on the court when the 27-point lead started shrinking. With a big lead we took the foot off the pedal and started running clock. In that situation leads start to shrink all the time at every level in basketball.

Thank you Duds for clearing this up. Some people just can’t enjoy a win!

I do enjoy the wins. We have had lean years since the late 90’s that lasted until Mike Anderson returned. We all may comment on poor performance of the team but we need these young men to play, get and an education where they continue to play and have sucess where they can help rebuild our program with MA at the steering wheel.