Crazy box score from the OSU win

The Hogs had everyone, 1-9, with at least 1 hit AND at least 1 run scored. Don’t think I’ve ever seen that at any level of baseball.


I don’t think I have, either

Also, not sure how McLean’s pitching line is only 1 run allowed. He faced 5 batters. Struck out Slavens, then walked 3 and hit 1. All 4 of those runners scored (3 on Battles’ granny), yet his stat line shows he gave up only 1 run.

Never mind. Pitching stat line has now been corrected.

both teams threw 205 pitches which is the most important factor in elimination time, and OSU threw more strikes than us. It was commented on that Mo State had burned their staff up to comeback and win to play another day. As long as we don’t have to pull a Manuel Warrior then we should have advantage tomorrow night no matter with team we play.

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I agree Ray. Advantage Hogs.

Advantage Hogs if the hitting continues.

Believe it or not, OSU still didn’t match the unusual box score the Hogs had last night.

OSU had 29 runs on 26 hits against Missouri State, and everyone, 1-9, scored at least once. But, the catcher (9 hole hitter) went 0-3, while everyone else had at least one hit. Crazy.

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OSU threw 204 pitches today. Of course their closer ate up 126 of those. But they burned three other guys.

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