crazy as it sounds.....

had a former co-worker make the off the wall comment…what if all this is to get Petrino back on the hill?his AD at Louisville has been fired;the school is under investigation for its "transgressions"and several on this board loved his offense…crazy as it seems…and no i dont believe it…

You’re right. It sounds crazy.


I’ll ask the Easter Bunny what he knows next time he hops by. :lol: :smiley:

can’t see it…

We couldn’t be that lucky

Mossy needs to go change his shorts now

Your friend sounds like one of the morons that dined in the booth next to Dudley & family a few nights ago! LOL

About as likely as Carter vs GHWB in the 2020 election. Both are still eligible and will be only 96.

Might as well get the package deal, Petrino & his fired AD. Go all out.

be better off with art briles

take a flyer out on the guy who was accused and pardoned

While we’re at it, we might as well get Rick Pitino, too. All this is quite feasible if our negotiations with John Gruden don’t work out.