Is there cause for legitimate concern about Crawford decomittimg? I’ve seen it a lot on here but it took us awhile to get him to ditch Baylor while we were recruiting him hard. To me at least he doesn’t seem the flip flop type

Well… he flipped from Baylor to us… so he’s definitely a flip type.

Going to LSU on your own dime multiple times… to me the writing is already on the wall for him.

It’s a big deal when it’s multiple times and you’re paying for it.

Yes, there certainly is.

He told me earlier in the seek he would be here soon. I tried to make it up a week or so ago but his ride fell through.

Last week his ride didn’t fall through to LSU.

No but it did for Arkansas, but he plans to be here Tuesday. People aren’t waiting around asking kids if they needs ride to colleges. They have lives too.

Was more pointing to that he likely chose to go to LSU last weekend instead of Arkansas, which was either the second weekend in a row or 2nd in 3 weeks for him.

You seem very bitter about the LSU trip

I’m not bitter about it, I’d just like to land a good OL class eventually.

Or have guys who are really committed.

I also live in New Orleans and go to school with a bunch of LSU football junkies and I get tired of hearing about things like this. Most of which they think they will flip him, and I honestly think they will too, in time.