Crawford signing with OU

What happened here? You and other recruiting writers all were very confident going in to weekend. Did he hate the visit or did Stepp overestimate how much the kid wanted to play for him?

Things sounded very positive coming into the weekend and then he got here and he seemed to be struggling because of the pressure he was getting from OU. He was in Fayetteville less than 24 hours. Hard to see a guy coming when he’s in and out that quickly.

Can’t really put any fault on our coaches here. However, it is interesting to see schools like OU be able to put the brakes on a kid who they have committed that starts to perhaps waver. I don’t recall us ever being in that type situation with any out of state 4 star player we had committed where we caused a visit to fall apart like that.

It should also be noted that for next year’s class CCM is going to have to demonstrate he can win some of these recruiting battles. If we are going to base our primary recruiting in Texas we are going to have to beat OU, A&M, and Texas for some kids just like this.

Our problem is our record over the past six years. We’ve stunk. We’re not sexy or fashionable. The last time we were good these kids were 11 and 12.

As Long said, gotta start winning some games.