Craig Parry

Arkansas is the market for another volunteer assistant coach. Craig Parry is taking a full-time assistant job at Abilene Christian. I’m told he began the new job yesterday but is helping out with Arkansas’ team summer camp to fulfill a previous obligation here.

Arkansas’ volunteer coaches typically sign two-year commitments, but this is the second straight off-season that Arkansas is looking for another volunteer. Josh Elander was hired as the full-time hitting coach at Tennessee last year.

Parry, who played catcher at South Dakota State, worked with catchers and coached first base for Arkansas. I’m unsure of what his title is going to be at ACU.

I wish him luck as he embarks on his dream of becoming a Head Coach some day. And I thank him for his time with the Razorbacks - what a special year he picked! I’m sure he’ll remember his time here fondly.

Craig is the type that I could see coming back to Arkansas somewhere down the road, possibly when the third full-time assistant coach is approved. It looks like that might happen for the 2020 season. Craig’s wife is a UA grad and he is close with Wes Johnson.

I spoke to Craig about the move tonight. He was gracious with his time and had some great things to say, as usual: … r-full-fi/

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