TE coach at UAB

That says a lot right there.

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At least he’s got a job. Some of the others are still looking.

Well maybe Craddock can get that job done with better results than he did as an OC! He may be more qualities to flip burgers at Burger King or work the drive in window and asks do you fries with that or a value meal!

I’m not going to hammer the guy but I said early in the season last year that the play calling was painful to watch.

Not going to blame Craddock for our last season when the problem may have been with his boss. Craddock may have been just as frustrated with the HC as the rest of us. He was reportedly paid a $337K buyout for the last year of his contract so not bad severance after an abysmal 2 yrs.

Guess he’s coming back home. He’s from Birmingham.

0-16; quite the resume.

Wish him well.

Really, really good man.

Again, I don’t base what I think of people personally on their professional record.

Craddock will emerge in good shape down the road. Like him a lot. As Dudley said, he’s good person. He was offered QB job at Clemson by Dabo as he was headed to SMU. Didn’t work here, obviously.

No need to rub it in rub it in Army. I’m sure Crash did the best he could in a job he just wasn’t ready for. Glad he landed the UAB gig. Young guy who has plenty of time to climb the ladder and get another shot at the big time.

I keep the two separate. You can have two feelings about him.

I wish him the best and see no benefit in name calling or resentment. I expect he did his best to represent the University and while it did not work out, 2019 is over and I am ready to look forward.


Some clearly can’t as evidenced by the name-calling of the person, not his coaching.

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Glad to see he has landed on his feet somewhere for him and his family. Seems like a solid guy. Play calling was suspect on many occasions (some might say all the time), especially in 2nd half of games but that may be more on CCM then him. I also thought there were some good plays called but unfortunately we didn’t have the QB’s to deliver the balls to the WR’s where they could catch it.

Just to be clear, my calling the man Crash, was not derogatory. I was referencing the King of Country Rock, Mr. Billy Crash Craddock. Craddock got the Crash nickname for his physical style of running as a high school RB. If your last name is Craddock, and you are involved in football, there is a good chance that I will refer to you as Crash. No disrespect intended.

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I wish Joe the best. Don’t understand the ill will towards past coaches. You can’t change the past.

I too have no ill will towards ANY ( wanna be ) asst/coaches we’ve had in the past and omg we’ve had more than our share lately. However,accountability will fall somewhere.Like on the cheese-puffs that hired them.

Again, I realize no one can guarantee anothers success or failures when being hired under your watch but for it to happen time after time after time tells me there was a snake in the woodshed that should’ve been ran out earlier than it was.