Craddock or CCM?

Is Craddock calling the plays with CCM having final veto auth? Or is CCM calling the plays?

I would guess that they are calling them together. I do not think anything is going onto the field without Morris being involved.

In the end, credit or blame ends up the head coach.

As CCM says , he has 52% of the votes.

The best play caller I’ve ever seen was in Little Rock today. Not asking for him to come back though. We’ve struggled to get into a rhythm and the play calling doesn’t make sense to me. I’d call it “cute” so far. I don’t much like “cute”. I know they are limited in what they can do but I don’t think we gave Boyd near enough running plays. He needs to be fed the ball. Hoping Starkel’s ability will help the running game.

On another note, and this has probably been covered, the TV announcers were talking about our “tell” where the RB lined up. I can’t imagine that we would be that obvious but they were right. How does that get missed?