Craddock at the press conference

He definitely had the quote of the day:

Only one WR with a catch: “I was very surprised”.

The guy calling the plays was “very surprised” after the game when he heard that.

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He probably had bama’s DBs confused with our WRs.

They called plenty of them. Didn’t execute.

But clearly the game plan was to use the RBs a lot in the passing games

Just put Burke’s in the wild hog or put JSJ or KJ in the game. Burke’s pulled the ball down and kept it from wild hog once when a receiver was covered up and showed better judgement than other full time QB have shown.
Craddock don’t impress me!

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Well I guess we need a different executioner and Craddock don’t impress me either!

Craddock always has an excuse. He can design formations and the like, but play calling is putting a series of plays to try and score period. Our offense is anemic. I don’t think he would be offensive coordinator at any sec team, maybe not any power 5 team. Way over his head.

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I agree part of our problem is coaching. No doubt. But Craddock doesn’t miss throws or drop passes or blow a fake punt play, or fumble a snap…

Craddock won’t have an excuse that will hold water! He is too ignorant to look at what his players can do and put them in the position to succeed. Stop wasting fans time for him to step to a mic! Can him and get it over with. Send him to the eye doctor on his way out the door because he sure can see or evaluate the game of football!

He is in over his head and it’s just time for him to move on… This level is just to big for him right now

Swinney and Morris fought over him. Swinney offered him QB coach…Morris offered him OC