Cowherd goes off on Arkansas "manipulating" our Football schedule

What a crock! For example, he calls the Hogs out for having a bye week prior to the Florida game . . . but fails to point out that’s after 8 straight weeks of playing? What are we supposed to do? Play without a bye week?

And he completely ignores the fact that our overall schedule remains one of the harder ones in the country.

Agenda much, Colin? … -schedule/

How about Bama right before Ole Miss, or if he’s going to complain about our Florida game, the Gators before LSU?

I thought that the SEC office sets the SEC schedule. We can only fill in the blank weeks with OOC games or byes.

That’s what I thought, too. His stance makes no sense.

Count it as good publicity, the guy has no clue, probably hasn’t played football since pop warner…

Some analysts and/or commentators appear to have a personal bias for or against certain teams. That seems to have been a hallmark of regional media for as long as I’ve been been a sports fan; - - a period of well over half a century.

For seemingly decades, Notre Dame could apparently lose four or five games and STILL be ranked in The Top Twenty.

TV sports mouths earn their living by talking. Some teams they talk up - - - and some teams they talk down.

Mr Cowturd often does not have the most accurate info, but he can present it in an obnoxious manner that a lot of people think it’s gospel.

Arkansas and Alabama play six games against the SEC west, two against the SEC east, and one power 5 conference member. They finish out their schedule with some “rent-a-wins” to get the home games they need to pay the bills and have a break between these very tough games. He brags on teams that don’t have as many cream puffs on their schedules, yet he ignores the fact that the SEC schedules (with their “cream puffs”) are usually ranked way ahead of many of those teams he says avoids the cream puffs. For example: 247 ranked the 2016 season’s 10 toughest schedules and the SECWest had 5 of the top ten. BlackMissyBears @ 2, Bama @ 5, LSU @ 6, Ta$m @ 9, and the Hogs @ 10.

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What a NUTJOB! This guys knows not what he speaks of!!! We have the toughest schedule in the nation, IMO!

Cowherd’s an idiot. Just stirring the pot. Typical Fox move. Ignore it.

Guys, you act like this is Cowherd’s idea. 90% of arguments made in college sports is the producer saying, “Colin, I want you to make an argument that the SEC schedule is weak, and compare it to USC”. That is publicity and ratings. That’s what the producer wants. You can either believe it or not, but it drives ratings. Colin doesn’t believe half the stuff that comes out of his mouth, but he says it because people will listen, and for that, he get’s $$$. Business fellas! Don’t let it work you up.

In an ongoing pitched, competitive sports media ratings campaign, I suppose that it makes sense (from the media perspective) to interject hyperbole and aggrandized, contentious rhetoric into their various enunciated perspectives and highly colored narratives. Delivering a considered prediction outlining the attendant probability quotient in regard to a projection of the likelihood of Alabama accomplishing a 10-2 record for the coming fall campaign - - along with the corresponding likelihood of Slippery Rock College’s forging of a dismal 0-11 record for the upcoming season - - doesn’t “stir the pot” or invite wholesale controversial exchanges of dissenting views and clamoring protestations.

I personally prefer reality over theater; however, the sports media outlets have apparently determined that realists like yours truly are in the minority on that school of thought. Ce la vie.


Cowherd is a troll. Was on local radio, was on ESPN, is on Fox. He tries to skewer everybody, I think; I can recall him actually saying nice things about Arkansas in the past, but he’ll take a shot at everybody and anybody.

Is cowherd still on the air

Where did he go after getting kicked off ESPN

He must be slipping - he needs someone to call out after his ‘‘research’’ at the bar