How can the most valuable franchise in all of sports continue to be irrelevant for 25 years? It’s sad, and almost everyone I know and love are Cowboys fans. They most certainly deserve better from “America’s Team.”

Because Jerry and Stephen Jones don’t know what they’re doing. That’s been proved time and again. Example: Giving Zeke Elliott the big contract. Ridiculous. Next it’ll be a big contract for Dak. I respect Dak but he’s not that good. As long as the Joneses are involved, Cowboys will have a very tough time sniffing another Super Bowl.


agree, but not sure I’d throw stephen under the same bus as Jerruh just yet. we won’t know until jerruh gives over the control to his son, but lets hope stephen is better at allowing football people run this football team.


I think Stephen is mostly in control now and has been for a while. Jerry has veto power, of course. But Stephen mostly runs the football show now. They are star gazers that pay single players too much and don’t develop full teams. And their QB play has never been what it needs to be since Aikman. Romo was flaky and got you beat. And Dak isn’t great, as I’ve said.

You all should reach out to Nicks fans and form a support group.

Does my heart good to see the Cowboys remain irrelevant in all categories except TV ratings and merchandise sales. Since people keep making money off a mediocre franchise, not much reason to expect much different over the next 25 years.

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Jerry and Stephen want to win. I don’t doubt that. But they have demonstrated themselves as terrible football people. I do appreciate all they’ve done for the UA. We Hog fans, including you, benefit from the Cowboys’ financial success. But it’s a shame Jerry can’t hire the best GM and just let him go to work. He almost had it with Parcells. But it didn’t quite play out.

The Jones-Jimmy Johnson partnership was working very well. Then Jerry’s ego got in the way and they haven’t been relevant since, Which is OK with me. Enjoyed watching them flounder last night; it was a nice distraction after a very stressful afternoon and evening.

You’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Don’t pay Dak, he leaves in free agency and wins a Super Bowl somewhere else, the fan base would flip. Pay him and he gets hurt or doesn’t produce, the fan base still flips.

But quarterback isn’t the issue here. The Cowboy defense is terrible. They could have Tom Brady throwing to Jerry Rice and still lose because they can’t stop anyone.

Agree largely. But the defense sucks because they don’t spread around the money. They pay big $$ to guys like Zeke. He doesn’t deserve that money. Guys on Dallas radio said it about right: “The only thing the Cowboys are good at is never being horrible.”

It’s possible to win in the NFL without spreading big bucks around the defense. The Patriots really didn’t splash much cash on defensive free agents through their dynasty, and unloaded people (such as Richard Seymour) rather than re-sign them to big deals. Then they’d plug in someone else to replace them, often on their rookie deal, and keep on winning.

The Joneses clearly stayed with Jason Garrett way too long, but they also hamstrung him with bad personnel decisions.

Stevie Nicks?

well, that’s not encouraging.

Stevie was a fox in her day. Not as foxey as Nadine Coyle…whew, but foxey.

Had to look up Nadine Coyle. Wow!

I thought it was Garrett’s fault, but changing coaches hasn’t helped. That was true before Dak went down. I know it hasn’t been long, but I expected more.

I am a Cowboy fan, would like them to win, but have gotten to the point where I mostly don’t care.

I think the Cowboys will lose out and thus win the Trevor Lawrence award!

That would be a good reason to lose out, but I’m sure they will screw up and win just enough to miss out on Trevor.

I would like them to win about 7 games. In that division it will put them in the playoffs to get killed by a average team. America’s team​:rofl::rofl::rofl:

Even if the Cowboys finish 2-14, they won’t have a worse record than the Jets, who will be lucky to win a single game. Now it’s conceivable that the Jets will stick with Sam Darnold rather than draft Trevor Lawrence, but that is unlikely.

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