Cowboys dismissing Jason Garrett

Per Ed Werder at ESPN.
Garrett out

Thank goodness. But I have little faith in Jerry to hire a good replacement.

Go get Rhule or Riley !

Dan Mullen

Maybe Jimmy Johnson or Barry Switzer?

Who wants to be the next Asst Head Coach under Head Coach Jerry Jones?

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HC search for the Dallas Cowboys?
Not a simple task IMO.

Would love for the NFL coaching searches to drag on long enough (and be rumor-laden enough) to affect recruiting. Maybe Rhule goes to NYG and we can grab the QB Hornsby as a result.

Wouldn’t it be rich if Lane Kiffin winds up in the NFL? Short of Gus heading to the NFL and Auburn freaking out and promoting Chad, that would be the most enjoyable scenario I can imagine.


To late for Ron Riveira. Was the best coach available


I am expecting Urban Meyer to the Cowboys and agree with Rhule to the Giants.


Firing was LONG overdue in my opinion!