Covid, Seniors and Scholarship limits

With seniors being allowed to come back for an extra year and still signing 25, has anyone heard how this will work?

I assume they will allow however many want to come back and increase the 85 man limit by that amount for 1 year?

Any guess as to how many or who may be considering to come back next year?

Unless I missed it, I’m not sure the NCAA has said how this will work. I can’t imagine the NCAA not allowing schools to go over the 85.

I know people talk about Grant Morgan coming back and he might but I know he wants to go to medical school too.

You missed it. From an NCAA release August 21:

  • The financial aid of fall sport senior student-athletes who take advantage of the additional year of eligibility and extended clock will not count against team limits in 2021-22.

Meaning if, for example, Franks, Morgan, Kern, Gerald and Marshall all decided to come back, we could have 90 on scholarship next season.


Do non seniors lose a year of eligibility?

No they get the year back but they still count against the 85.

Grant could help himself with Med School by taking a Graduate level course in Anatomy/physiology or something. The problem with doing that is that GPA is critical getting into Med School so there is that. I guess if he has been able to maintain that sort of gpa in PremMed or some heavy science major while playing football, he could handle 1 course.

Don’t know if he even needs that type thing, but I guess the point is it certainly would not be a wasted time for him. It is not uncommon for students to get a Master in Human Anatomy/physiology prior to Med School. Gives a real boost to those first two years.

He can be admitted to med school and defer it a year, if he so chooses.

Semi-related note: The Ivy League cancelled this football season entirely. The Ivy League also does not allow redshirting. But 17 seniors at Princeton decided they wanted one more season together. So they all applied for a leave of absence from school, which was approved. They apparently relocated to Texas, got part-time jobs and are working out together, planning to return to school next year for a shot at another Ivy title. There’s a video at the NBC Sports website. (Not that it matters, but most of the 17 are Black.)

The Ivy also does not have athletic scholarships, which is not that big a deal because financial aid at the Ivies is very generous, kinda like Vandy. Basically if your family makes less than $65,000, if you can get into an Ivy school, you go for free.

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