Covid rumors

The 247 site has more than a couple of posters saying we have a Covid positive player on the men’s team. Some of these posters are reliable on info usually

Yep, looks like just 1 though

any idea who?

He’s taller than 6’

There are people speculating, but no confirmation. Supposedly only one player, and no contact tracing knockouts.

We have heard the rumors and are doing our best to validate both the substance and specifics.

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Sounds like it’s Jaylin Williams

Ah, of course. The universe must’ve sensed joy coming from Razorback nation this morning.

Lord knows we mustn’t have any of that.


Only one positive, so the game tomorrow night is fine. The upcoming tests this week will determine the status of the aTm game and going forward.

I was going to post the same thing.

Just when I think the curse has been lifted…


Hopefully not too significant and everyone is ok.

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I thought the whole team already had covid?

“Only one positive, so the game tomorrow night is fine. The upcoming tests this week will determine the status of the aTm game and going forward.”

I don’t understand this.

They test two days before games. Yesterday’s tests are for tomorrow night’s games. Likely that there was one positive test. I’d imagine they’re re-testing that positive individual to confirm it wasn’t a false positive.

Test results for aTm aren’t critically important until Thursday. Sunday’s tests can’t decide if game Saturday is on/off…yet.

If there has been one positive test and the rest of the team hasn’t been around him enough to fail contact tracing, then the one player (or staff member) is out and the rest of the team is good to go.

I thought it wasn’t so much the positive tests as it is the contact tracing that has been sidelining teams this year. Often no players are positive but a coach or assistant is, which puts them all into isolation. I may be wrong on this, but seems if a player is positive the rest of the team that has been in contact has to isolate as well, scrapping tomorrow’s game.

Well, Swine answered my question just as I posted. Still, seems being on the court together for 40 minutes and then the locker room after would count as contact.


Agree. Whether or not the policies consider it close contact it’s definitely a high risk. They should all just quarantine now for two weeks to get this over with without too much illness hurting our fitness and strength before the big dance.

Yeah, obviously every team member has been in close contact with every other team member. Why wouldn’t the entire team and all the coaches be in contact tracing? It seems like this contact tracing has always been mysterious in the world of sports.

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What is so bothersome to me is almost no young folks get sick, especially those in fantastic shape…like basketball players.

The guidelines for contact tracing are if you have been within six feet of the infected person for a total of 15 minutes or more during a 24-hour period. Which is precisely why we scatter the “bench” seats out on the sidelines this year.

Here are the SEC guidelines. Scroll down to “Quarantine Protocol”.

I know we’d all rather fry the Chickens and gig the Aggies, but if not, so what? We’ll clear quarantine before the SECT if so. We’ll definitely finish second and get that draw in the tournament (we would have to lose both games not to finish second).

And if, as also rumored, its not a positive test but a case of contact tracing getting one of our players, than the rest of the team should absolutely be clear.