But you know Vandy!

Yep. :joy::joy::joy:

I can’t figure that out but it’s a personal choice and I guess the fact that they are young helps them. Who knows. I’m not a doctor. :joy::joy:

I’m not a doctor but I know this: The vaccine works. And the adverse effects are super rare.

And they’ve worked all their lives for this. And they were in the catbird’s seat and they blew it. For what? What did they prove? Who did they impress?

Just terrible.


I’m just relaying what the coach said. I presume he’s discussed it with the NCAA. Perhaps your tweeter is wrong?

Perhaps. I don’t remember exactly who tweeted it, and I skimmed it rather quickly. They showed a snapshot of the rule book, but I honestly only read the tweet and not the picture.

That really sucks for them, but the people to blame are those who didn’t get vaccinated. I have no idea what the school could have done or should have done, but it sounds like those in charge should’ve done more. I have just assumed our athletes have been vaccinated since April or early May


There are consequences for making poor decisions.

This is a reflection of gross incompetence from the AD and the HC. The kids and coaches should have been vaccinated. Poor leadership cost them a shot at the national championship,

I say to folks if you don’t won’t to get vaccinated, you go. But don’t whine about it or expect any sympathy when something like this happens.


I’m not a doctor but I know this: The vaccine works. And the adverse effects are super rare.

And they’ve worked all their lives for this. And they were in the catbird’s seat and they blew it. For what? What did they prove? Who did they impress?

Just terrible.

I calling BS. My brother was a front line nurse in Rogers, Arkansas. Had all his shots way ahead of schedule. A big strong kid. Well if 60 is a kid. Talked to him Thanksgiving day. On Black Friday he noticed his pulseox had dropped to 70 12 days later he was dead. Yes sir that vaccine. His Doctor advised me to not take the thuff !!!

Black Friday was in November. The vaccine wasn’t out yet.

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Yeah, not even a good attempt to counter the vaccine is good remark.

Swine, I’m talking about 2020.

A patient in the United States was given a diagnosis of infection with this virus by the state of Washington and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on January 20, 2020.Mar 11, 2020.

It started for real in February, March of last year. 2020, around here. My wife got her shot the last day of November, and my brother November 10-15…

SO the story ends. I don’t know.

SO 9 months later my brother died.

Being reported that vaccinated individuals tested positive as well -

From what I understand, NO vaccine for ANY disease is 100% effective. Though the rate for the COVID vaccines are incredibly high, there are still “breakthrough” infections – just like for other vaccines – which just illustrates how important it is for everyone to get vaccinated. If a vaccine is 95% effective, and I’m one of the 5% on which it doesn’t work, but everyone around me is vaccinated also, it’s still almost impossible for me to get infected. Your mileage may vary.

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Exactly. I’m very sorry for anyone who has lost someone—especially someone who has been vaccinated.

But the numbers show that it is highly effective. And they also show that people, now, who are dying from COVID are overwhelmingly unvaccinated.

Not BS. Just the numbers. There are exceptions, but overall, the numbers are clear.

NCSU had a really good chance to win the NC and they blew it by proving what?

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Ok now if I read everything here and absorbed it properly.
2 unvaccinated NCST players who had previously had the virus several months ago tested positive here. At this time only unvaccinated players in the CWS were tested across the board - every team. Per protocol.

Rest of team was tested & 4 vaccinated players test positive. I’m assuming the vaccine was administered over 1 month ago.

No players that didn’t arrive with the team can be tested and brought in to play.

So NCAA calls forfeit for NCST at 2:AM for everybody to wake up to next morning. Crushing the hopes of some college players who are living there dream to possibly play in the CWS. Now they don’t even get the chance to at least play for it, win or lose fairly.
Do they have any clue how or where the players contracted it?

I know the timeline very well, Mike.

I also know that the first EUA for the vaccine was approved December 11, 2020. So unless your brother was in one of the clinical trials, he could not have gotten the vaccine in November.


The Black Plague ran amok over the entire world for over 100 years, 35% of the people in Europe died from the disease. No one had even imagined a thing we would call a virus and the disease finally played itself out. With no vaccine, the thought of what this virus would have done is staggering.

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NCAA has really screwed this up by electing to not have everyone tested. Does anyone know if all players were tested at the Regionals and Supers? Or just those that hadn’t been vaccinated?

If we have seen history of athletes testing positive after having been vaccinated, why would they not test everyone?

One thing to consider is that the CDC actually recommends waiting at least 90 days to get the vaccine for some who have previously been infected. Say one of these players was sick at the beginning of the season. A 90-day wait could’ve meant getting vaccinated smack dab in the middle of post-season play. If you hear of others being vaccinated and suffering symptoms, might you not be as inclined to get it during your team’s most important games?