At least one N.C. State player tests positive.

Semi with Vandy on hold while they do contact tracing.

Now saying two players, the second baseman and the closer. 2B is no longer with the team, closer is in quarantine.

did they(the NCAA )not test for it throughout the tournament as they did for every other tournament that’s been held the past year?think during the basketball:teams were tested daily

Game wiil start at 2:07 heard NCS will be without a LOT of players.Unbelieveable!

Players are routinely tested if they have not been vaccinated. If NC State is without several players today, it would seem its vaccination rate is not very high.

Why in hell wouldn’t these kids be vaccinated?

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According to ESPN, NC State has nine position players and four pitchers available today. That means 14 players are out.

Stinking Vandy Luck! I hope NCS beats the Crap out of them…will take a near miracle but hope they pull it off

No excuse for not being vaccinated, but I think everybody has the freedom to make their own choice.

However, if you choose not to get vaccinated, if you get COVID but didn’t bother to get vaccinated, you have only yourself to blame.

Sadly, a lot of folks are going to die with this new variant all because they refuse to get vaccinated.

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Just our luck. If this happened two weeks ago, we would have gone on to the CWS.

We scored 3 off Garrett Payne in just over 2 innings in the 1st game of the Super Regional.

NCS just got screwed, ball was fair! And the turd coach from Vandy comes out and complained and they overrule the overrule such bull crap… I hate that guy!

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I hope Kopps wins the GSA!
Rocker and Leiter are really good pitchers, but they are just so arrogant. I heard earlier that Rocker is the most famous pitcher in D1 baseball. Phooey!!
Kopps was the best and handled himself with with humility game in and game out. Never showboated.
He didn’t have too. He made his statement from the mound!


Should be a slam dunk for Kopps, nobody come close to have the season he had…

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Can NCS bring in players that did not make the trip to fill in roster?

I saw a tweet about this earlier. The answer is no, they are not allowed to fly in players not already on the CWS roster.

That stinks,

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So crazy. Just crazy. Insane. All that work down the drain and for what?

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Vandy barely beat NCST with a team of 2nd and 3rd stringers. Rocker struck out a lot BUT it’s second and third stringers. Let’s keep it in context. Nothing for Vandy to pound their chest about.