COVID continues to create havoc

Feel for those impacted.

And here in Chattanooga me and the wife are in self quarantine one of our friends we were around Sunday was diagnosed with COVID early this week. We’re having zero symptoms but staying in the house away from everyone.

FWIW I had all the symptoms of covid about 2 months ago. Stayed in bed all day and tried to sleep. Prayed. Woke up the next day, it was gone.

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I saw the Cal-Washington game was zapped because Cal didn’t have enough healthy players.

ESPN has had major financial problems over the last decade. While COVID is creating havoc, ESPN has been looking for a opportunity to dump employees.

And SEC teams need ESPN to continue doing anything necessary to keep their cash flow such that they can meet their current contract with the conference.

Nah ESPN needs us more. That’s why it televises every game.

A man I used to play a little golf with is now on a ventilator with it.

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