Covid and a Curles crew

Is an awful lot to overcome. We got a whole buncha both today and still came within a whisker of winning this game. I could not be more proud of this team. They are fighters and they are winners. Some times a team’s record lies.


Have we ever had Curles officiate a game without major controversy?

Yes, but those aren’t remembered.

I am sure you are right, but surely you recognize there were three very questionable calls (two with reviews and the tripping call) that had noticeable impact on the game. I am sure LSU feels the holding call was wrong, but a lot of that is based on the reaction from the announcer who was an offensive lineman. It might have been a judgement call, but because the guy was holding the defender with his hands close in which is often allowed, does not make it an egregious error.

I am not a fan calling for secession from the conference or other over reactions, believing questionable calls are kind of like luck, both balancing out over time. I will say that I think we have a growing balance of favorable calls due us.

I read elsewhere our good friend Ken Switzer was in the replay. Does anybody know how many replay officals there are total. Is it him every week?

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