Coverage from Game 1 at Vanderbilt

My game recap of the Hogs’ 8-2 victory:

Notes on Jared Wegner’s return, Peyton Holt’s play, a big road following for Arkansas, etc.:

I caught up with Brady Toops from the stands at Hawkins Field last night.

He shared his thoughts on this year’s team and Dave Van Horn still challenging for an SEC title 19 years after he won his first.

Despite the rather obvious strengths the Razorback displayed across the board against the Vandy Boys in winning at matchbox-size Hawkins Field, SECN’s Todd Walker made a complete fool out of himself by not listing Arkansas in his SEC top four post teams. Perhaps he was short-sheeted on his last stay in Fayetteville but even his SECN Now host, Alyass Lang was somewhat taken back at his projections. His retort was a classic worth repeating, " I only had four spots."

If Arkansas continues winning the series or sweeping against Vandy, poor Walker may require a street crier’s megaphone for his next prognostication opportunity!

I’m expecting a tighter game today, along with better pitching by Vandy. I was surprised Vandy started yesterday’s game so poorly – I felt that the heebie-jeebies would be on us yesterday. Now achieving win #20, probably jinxing us, I feel we can play comfortably and confidently tonight.