Coverage Friday

Tomorrow’s exhibition will not be televised and there will be no radio. We will have live updates on our site.

There won’t be any radio coverage because most of the affiliates also air high school football games on Friday nights, and those take precedent. There won’t be any video because RSN will be televising a regular-season volleyball match at Barnhill Arena. I’m told that there is not a way for RSN to broadcast two games simultaneously at this time.

That’s rinky dink

That was my thought, too

Well at least we will get updates here on the board. Thanks to our whole hog staff!

Hmm… its a college. Shouldn’t they have some sort of journalism/social media dept. that teaches things like live stream media. Seems this would be a perfect opportunity for a teaching lesson and live stream the game even if its just from one camera view with no announcing. Stream it from a U of A website. Just don’t understand in this day and age with the ease of making and showing videos why any game should not have some avenue to reach viewers. I know they have to respect who hast broadcast rights and all that, but if they are all declining to show it, should be open to the U of A to do its own thing.

Really small time to not have some options here. For Heaven’s sake we got complete amateurs that stream live video all over places like twitter, facebook, etc with just a dang cell phone. You telling me the University can’t even compete with that!!! Rinky Dink!!

Maybe the lawyers that are amateurs . . . . many times things like this are contractual issues rather than technical issues. . . somebody signed a contract that says you can’t do X not taking into account all of the what ifs.

Rinky-dink? Really? It wasn’t that long ago that no athletic events other than football and men’s basketball got televised at all. It’s only been since the establishment of the SEC Network (and the requirements that all league schools install/upgrade their broadcast facilities) that most of what you can now see (all home baseball, soccer, volleyball, women’s basketball game and all road conference games) became available. To go from needing a battery of satellite trucks and and a network to televise a game to virtually every game of every sport on TV in a matter of a few years isn’t rinky-dink. Every conference outside he SEC would kill for that ability, though few would have the money for it.

My, technology spoils us in a hurry.

Good point. Arkansas will have 31 of its 33 scheduled games (including exhibitions) televised by an ESPN affiliate this year, with the production quality you expect from ESPN. Before the SEC Network, I can’t remember any exhibition basketball games being televised.

When I was in Memphis for the Liberty Bowl 10 years ago, I remember paying to watch a regular-season game at Bud Walton on Razorvision. I seem to remember it had two camera angles, no replays, no graphics and audio from the radio broadcast that was out of sync with the video.

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I apologize because I can’t remember who did it, but someone actually did live stream the Red-White game. I think it was one of the NW Arkansas radio guys that did it, and I think he may have just used his phone. I found it on Twitter and I actually watched some of that game. I don’t know if he can do it tonight, or if it would be allowed, but I know it happened at the Red-White game.

Why not a delayed telecast?


Yep, that’s it. Pinto. He just posted that he will be doing it again tonight.

Good lord Razorvision was bad. I paid for that garbage too.

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Who is Pinto? What station? Thanks

Watching Pinto’s feed on twitter; a nice complement to the media timeout updates over on the front page; dude’s comments are pretty funny … especially talking about one of their player’s do.

I’m a little hurt by this.

re Pinto feed. Pretty dang good for a guy with a cell phone.

LoL … I suspect you’re not really hurt. :laughing:

Nevertheless, I did go back and edit my post to show an appropriate level of appreciation for your efforts to bring us info.

But if a picture is worth 1,000 words, how many is a live video worth? Just sayin’…

So, is what ESPinto doing illegal or not. If it is not illegal or against some contract why is the school or someone else not doing it. A fan sitting in the stands bring us a video of a game that we can not see any other way. Hats off and a great big thank you to who ever he/she is. I watched it and it was better than listening on the radio. Had it muted so can’t comment on any of the comments.

Only joking. Completely understand wanting to watch if you can. I went to high school with him. He’s a good dude and a loyal fan like the people we have here.