Cousins win NC rings on back to back nights

Angel Reese and Jordan Hawkins.

Didn’t know they were cousins, but they both are elite ballers.

I saw a tweet this morning mentioning their familial relationship. Hawkins hasn’t been seen putting on a tiara for pregame introductions or pointing at his ring finger on the court. +2 for him.

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To be fair, no one has been making those annoying hand gestures that Caitlin was.

I found this interesting so I dug a little deeper, they are first cousins and were born 7 days apart. How cool that must be for that family. I would assume that they were each other’s “cousin” I don’t know about everyone else but I had my “cousin” on each side of the family that I was going to hang out with at family gatherings.

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Caitlin didn’t make those gestures to LSU. So why are they so offended that she did them to somebody else?

It is the sisterhood among the players. :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:

Something like that

The sisters hood.

Gotta brag again…sorry. Those gals can do all that smack talking, gestures and whatever. However, I’m proud of my great niece who plays for Tulsa. Her late mom (my niece) taught her to be humble and kind all the time. No one I mean no one plays harder, hustles constantly and mixes it up on the boards than her. I’ve watched her play in person and on TV many, many times and she never draws attention to herself. I watched a girl take two swings at her in AAU ball and she turned and walked away. When she lights up the gym with 3’s or when the 3’s are not falling she has complete control over herself. Her mom would be proud. I know her day, sister and entire family are proud she does not draw attention to herself.

Her grandmother (my sweet sister in law) passed in December I imagine her greeting my niece (her daughter) in heaven with stories about the legacy she left for Caroline and Emily.


Definitely worthy of being proud and thankful seeing her responding well to her family influences. She is setting the
best kind of example.

Caroline might not talk smack, but she’s tougher than a nickel steak, Danny.
I watched her play a few times.

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Cause LSU was winning


True, but irrelevant. The point is the Corndog girls were pissed at Clark before that game ever started. You can probably guess why.

On Tennis Channel, there was an interesting discussion on Angel Reese incident with two of the Top 10 women players #3 Jessie Pegula (her Dad owns Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres) and #6 Coco Gauff present.

They said tennis players are too polite and the sport could use some trash talk. Anyway, Pegula made an interesting comment. She said when boys talk trash, they are having fun, but women talking trash make it personal.


I agree with Pegula on that point. When refs don’t take control in woman’s games it can get ugly quick.


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