Courtney Ramey update

As expected very early, but his father Terrell text me the following:

We are open at moment with everything. Just gonna look for right fit. Just processing everything today

I sure hope we don’t end up with a recruit that has been a part of any of the dirty laundry across the sport.

I’m sure that will be something all schools look into. Would be surprised if Terrell was a part of something like that though.

If I was Terrell, in the middle of this scandal, I would send my kid to a school like Arkansas and not to a Top 10 school. Never know if that Top 10 school is going to get caught up in this,

FWIW, kind of what I expected but Arkansas isn’t getting involved with Courtney.

Thanks for the update

Corey Evans is reporting Arkansas has reconfirmed their offer to Courtney. That’s NOT true.

As good as Courtney is as a instant impact…you can have too many guards but can never have enough interior scoring/rebounding.