Courtney Deifel = Eric Musselman

Impressive roster building of the softball team through transfers.

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All coaches are doing this to an extent now with essentially no road blocks to immediate eligibility.

Arkansas’ baseball program been as active with D1 transfers in the past few years as I’ve ever seen. Trevor Ezell was a big pickup for the 2019 team, and Lael Lockhart and Cullen Smith were this year.

That doesn’t take into account all of the JUCO transfers who played a role, like Matt Goodheart, Brady Slavens, Braydon Webb, Jalen Battles and Charlie Welch, but Arkansas has done a good job for a while using JUCO players to plug holes.

I think the Razorbacks expected to use Issac Bracken, a pitcher who transferred from Northern Colorado, a lot this year, but he required surgery and was unable to play.

This was a Muss specialty which I thought would last at least thru this year, but it didn’t. Every coach in P5 except a couple have used to a maximum, when you see someone like Mike Anderson lose six to transfer portal, but takes in six transfers to upgrade the roster, you know it has become commonplace.

But Muss will remain forever the founding father of this.

Your first sentence summarizes the current environment, no doubt.

While all coaches are doing this to an extent, some are much better at it than others. Getting 3 high quality softball transfers in the past few weeks makes one take a little more notice than merely having random transfers fill a roster spot. Perhaps Coach Deifel has the same knack for attracting high quality transfers that Coach Muss has.

(JUCO transfers in baseball are really a different situation than grad transfers and D1-to-D1 transfers. JUCO baseball is designed to funnel players to other programs (or perhaps the pros)…… so nothing really new about programs plugging holes with JUCO transfers.)

Good points about key D1 baseball transfers in recent years.

I’ve noticed the quality of softball transfers, no doubt. Two were all-conference, including one in the SEC.

This remains Coach Musselman’s specialty. While other coaches are obviously adapting with the changing climate, that, in no way, diminishes what Coach Muss continues to do.

The consistent quality of transfers that Coach Muss attracts, coupled with his background of managing annual roster turnover, gives him an advantage that few other competing coaches have. Not to mention the experience of his staff in doing the same.

Coach Muss probably is the Founding Father of managing the transfer market, but he will also remain the Daddy of many of those trying to copy what he does.


I think when you look at Baylor’s national title in hoops, the transfers were a big part of their success.

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