Courtese Cooper update

Cooper is expecting Anderson to come see him next week. Thurman was there today.

Kind of what I expected, before any offer might be extended.

RD, how interested does Cooper seem to be?

He’s definitely interested. Will be interesting to see who all gets involved in the next few weeks.

Do you have any feel (Or guess) for what the hesitation to offer might be? Is it size (he’s pretty thin) or athleticism?… He seems to be pretty skilled for his size so I wouldn’t think it’s that

Head man needs to see him. When I heard Scotty was going solo I figured Mike would make a follow up visit to offer or not to offer.

Comments: I feel you on that thought Richard, I would imagine this young man grew-up around Big Ten schools, it would truly have to be fate that the hawgs win this battle

I’d be pretty excited to get this kid. It seems like a win-win for the kid and the Hogs.

I suspect CMA wants to get to know Cooper a bit. He needs to do that before making an offer.