Coupled w/ Ala victory tonight

I’m thinking/hoping that pretty much cemented us into the Gator w/ W F.

I don’t think it made a single bit of difference, and we’re still wide open for Citrus or Outback. Bama and Georgia will be in the playoffs. Ole Miss will be in the Sugar. If Bama had lost, they’d be in the Sugar and OM would be in the Peach. Either way, we are the next highest ranked SEC team. Citrus picks first and might go for highest ranked.

Basically, Citrus will decide between us, A&M and Kentucky. Then Greg Sankey starts making assignments for Outback and below.

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@neastarkie I know you’re not liking the fact that the Flopnecks will be in the Sugar Bowl.

Not one little bit. I had also hoped Miami or somebody took their coach.

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I stlll wouldn’t rule it out. Joey is slimy enough to sign a 10-year deal and bail two weeks later.

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I have to admit I really don’t pay attention to all the possible scenarios of who we might play… just tell us when and where and let’s get it on

All the games have been played, now the decisions get made.

I think Bama will be the 1 seed and play Cincy. Meechigan and Jawja in the other semi. OM in the Sugar against Bayluh. Then it gets interesting from our standpoint.

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I hope Arkansas has sway with SEC that it rarely shows.

But that said, thrilled w anything.

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