Couple questions on the Print HI football issue

First when will that be out?

And second how will the projected depth chart look with all these late transfer additions?

That’s got to be difficult….

It just printed. Mine arrived at the office today.

The depth chart is based on what was seen in practice during the spring. Several players have committed since it was since to the printer, so not everyone is going to be included.

I figured y’all had to make a choice on that….

Going to be hard to get all these late additions going forward … although it does seem like waiting week or two would get most?

How do you put someone in a depth chart if they did not practice? How would you know what position they are going to play? I would never try that.

You know Guys, maybe “Depth Chart” was not the right way to frame it…. Maybe in the player profiles under the position breakouts would have been better,… but even that would be difficult…. I’m thinking lots of print publications, not just HI, will have this same decision to make, to go to print as rosters are still being completed,…

It’s just part of the changing college sports world, but football seems to really caught there….

Trust me I’m still going to purchase and enjoy!
Also I’ll be using it to reference during the season.