Couple of thoughts on the game

When Arkansas removed its ace after 71 pitches in a 1-0 game, I thought it said a lot about how important the game was.

I understand completely why Arkansas did it; let him stay fresh for next week. Like I said earlier today, Van Horn’s approach in Hoover has yielded great results the next week more often than not.

Arkansas showed some good fight at the plate late in the game, but Georgia has a heck of a pitching staff. The freshman UGA threw today is going to be really good. Kyle Peterson said today that he is further along at this point in his career than Emerson Hancock was last year. That’s high praise.

I agree Matt it’s just not that big a deal to win this tournament and I don’t blame him you can just see there’s not the same sense of urgency that some teams put into it.

Who really cares about winning the SEC Tournamnet. What’s so disappointing is the lack of quality AB’s! Taking strike 3 or swinging at balls no where near the strike zone! That’s what stinks!

I will say this we hit the ball way way better here last year. Absolutely no comparison. Score 13 on South Carolina at 8 on Florida. Can we flip the switch next week I guess we’ll have to find out.

Yeah Army, I’m like you. I really don’t care about this tourney either. I just hate losing.

Would be nice to get the big bats going. We run into someone’s top pitcher in regionals we need to find a way to put more than one or two runs up.

Exactly Matt. I told my daughter the same thing.

Bigger fish to fry in the next 3 weeks.

DVH has the big picture in mind.

In the big picture of things how many bunts did we see today? Zero! Moving runners and good AB’s. Get some good reps tomorrow and get Connor Noland 70 pitches and let some young arms finish.
Come back home before it’s late and get ready for next week!

There weren’t a lot of opportunities to bunt. Arkansas got the leadoff batter on base once - on an error.

Scoring and offense are down across the board at this tournament. Look at all the games today: Ole Miss won 1-0; LSU won 4-3 and the game was 1-0 in the seventh; Georgia won 3-1 and the game was 1-0 in the seventh; the Mississippi State-Vanderbilt game is 1-0 right now.

The pitching in the league is incredible and the big ballpark can be a pitcher’s best friend.

There has been nothing wrong with how CDVH has handled the pitching. He’s playing to win and attempting to keep the starters fresh. The pitching has given the Hogs a chance to win. The team that gets the bats going will win the tourney. I hope it is the Hogs.

There were 13 combined runs in the four games today at the tournament. Starting pitchers allowed a combined two earned runs in 52 2/3 innings.

My thoughts as well. The offense has been stranding runners since the LSU series.

After a strong 2-3 week hot stretch with the bats, they have gone relatively quiet for the last 2 weeks. I would expect them to warm up again in the regional…they are not going to stay quiet

Matt, when Army gets on a rant details like that aren’t important :blush: