Couple of questions about this board

I haven’t paid a lot of attention to this, but was just noticing that the icons to the left of posts on this board seem to have a “code” of some sort; some easier than others to pick up.

For instance, I get that a little star in the icon means that I’ve posted in that thread. And it appears that the light-bulb shaped icons are “tacked” at the top, while the circle icons are regular posts. Red means unread posts; grey means no such posts. But what about the few threads where the “text” part of the icon is scrolling (in motion)? What does that mean?

Is there a “key” of what all these icons are telling us?

Good questions. I’ve noticed the icons & think I’ve figured what most mean, but not sure I have them all down.

Yep, I would like to know too.

I’ll stab and say the scrolling text means an active poster is preparing his contribution to the thread. What does the guy whipping a lying horse mean?

I believe the scrolling icon indicates a “hot topic”, in that there are a large number of posts in the thread. Looks like maybe 25 or more will trigger that.

Usually that Swine Fusion is replying to one of your posts . . .