Couple of links ahead of Arkansas/K-State

Heading to Kansas City this morning. My dad is going with me. Been looking forward to this trip for a long time.

Here are a couple of links ahead of tonight’s game. One is an advanced stats preview, the other on Chris Lykes’ play through 3 games:

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Seth Davis at The Athletic said this morning he’s hoping to see Vanover go up against Kofi Cockburn tomorrow. If Muss puts CV in he’s gonna have him shooting threes to get Cockburn out from under the basket.

If CV goes down low against Cockburn, something may get broken…

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I’ve been thinking about that it’s maybe a possibility, we certainly don’t have anybody that can handle him inside so maybe CV can step out and be hot and will open up the lane for us.

IF we get to play the Illini, I think we may see significant minutes from Wade. He’s a big strong boy that could bang with Kockburn. This is if he’s close to 100% healthy.

Yeah I think him and Toney both will be sticking a body on him the best of their ability.

I was thinking this is exactly what J Will would do…. take Cockburn away from the basket. This could set up perfectly to clear the lane and showcase Williams’ skill set.

I would love that if he can do that,he’s cabable of doing that for sure,I just want us to win tonight and then we can worry about the winner of their game.

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