Couple of guys I'm curious to hear about?

There are a few redshirt freshman going into their 3rd year and have yet to preform up to expectations. Maybe we set it to high for some kids but wanted to know how these guys are doing:

  1. Jamario Bell
  2. Will Gragg(highest recruited guy ever in AR)
  3. Daytrieon Dean
  4. LaMichael Pettway
  5. Nate Dalton
  6. C.J O’Grady
    Just wondering how they are doing? It’s going into their 3rd year, so they should be playing or getting close to their potential. Yalls take on any of them is much appreciated! Was thought to be a big time class and for that to happen these guys have to step it up.

Without getting in to specific names don’t be surprised if 2-3 if these transfer after Spring ball.

I haven’t seen anything to suggest that most of those players will have big roles in the future. O’Grady and Pettway are the two that have looked the best in open practices; the rest have pretty much been relegated to developmental and scout teams. … -even-pat/

We all have to consider the possibility that the TE position will be used differently this year. We lost a lot of great WR’s. I would not be surprised to see 3 TE’s a lot with some in the slot.

I thought Dean was no longer with the team.

Still on the roster. His bio page: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … ieon-dean/”></LINK_TEXT>