Couple odd observations from a great game

Man, im giddy after that game, got home late and just watched the replay.

  1. I think our 6 INT’s today, ties our season total last year?!?!?

  2. Did you guys notice Soli vomiting during the game? there’s no way he could have been spitting that much. once they hiked, it as he’s barfing, then their LT ran him 5 yards downfield as they swept towards the left/towards the camera. Really felt bad for him, but man do our players want to be on the field.

  3. I’m late to the board, where was Knox?

  4. I’m just stunned by this defense. ST were improved. O is a work in progress, but this defense is truly hard to believe. so proud of our coaches and players.

  5. My wife and oldest son only sent me about 100 pics of them having a great time at the game, while I toiled away at work. sheesh, some family!


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