Coup de etat

If this is as bad as its starting to look and we wind up with Lunney then I propose a fan uprising and boycott the whole freaking FB program. I’m so pissed

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Don’t think you’ll have to propose it. It’ll show up by the empty stadium next year.


Not so fast, I’ll be there , win lose or draw! And I bring a minimum of 6


Exactly. Lunney = Zero fan enthusiasm.

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Ur a great fan but one helluva gluten for punishment. Why is that fun for you. I’ve been in Fayetteville during good years and after a loss they roll up the streets up there. Sucks

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The lack of any sense of urgency is baffling. Ole Miss & FSU immediately made their announcements after those games ended. Makes me wonder if Ark’s potential coach is still coaching? Venables & Virginia coach ? Harsin declined to interview until after his game. Looks like if it were anyone else that it would’ve been done and announced.


Yep. Don’t show up to support the team. That’ll teach em’ a lesson…

U damn right it will. It is the fans only real power. If u want to continue going watch Hog FB fiasco and getting crap beat out of you then by all means have at it.


No doubt the fans have the power to destroy the program. You apparently think it’s in real trouble, so you want to go ahead & kill it. Personally, I’d rather not.

Won’t be Lunney, they won’t wait till Monday to announce Lunney.

Thanks for your positive thoughts. Life is about choices. You make yours, I’ll make mine. I have supported the Razorbacks through good and bad for many years and will continue to do so. WPS!

Have fun at the games next year then. If everyone felt like you then CM would have a lifetime gig. Costs too much money to go see a s——y product:(

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I’m hearing Fickell…could be a home run hire in my personal opinion.

He just got beat back to back by Norvell who obviously didn’t meet the high moral standards of the BOT.

Here’s the thing if it is indeed Fickell even though it wasn’t most people’s 1st option… The fanbase would get behind that (eventually warm up to it) simply due to the other options mentioned.

I think you’re correct on that Daytona

I live 2 hours from Cincinnati, and their fans are going nuts about the potential of losing CLF. I’m no insider, but a Hog fan who keeps his ear close to the pavement. My friends in Ohio are saying it would be a huge home run of a hire.

I like Fickell, he’s a good coach.

I’m as anxious as everyone else but you have to appreciate HY not making a knee jerk hire. No one knows how this is going to turn out and I’ll restrain from passing judgement until the announcement has been made and we hear what went into his decision making process. WPS

Cheers to hogbacker’s post. I’m in the same boat overall