Council's Dunk makes #2 on ESPN TOP TEN


Play after play after play after play, I kept saying to my wife how fortunate we are that he is playing for our Hogs. Council is a very rare athlete.


Maybe a little bit like Michael Quailes!

Better than Qualls.

Ricky makes a lot of magnificent plays at the rim that are not dunks.

He has amazing body and ball control

Reminds me some of Dr J.


We might need a Go Fund Me site for new rims before the year is over.

Someone used the word ballerina with regard to how agile and graceful Council moves with power too.

Council reminded me of Mason Jones at the end last night. He put the team on his back and willed them to win.


And AB was seeing it clearly and happy to assist him.

Muss stood motionless as all this transpired. I guess he has seen this enough that he is not surprised.

I think he blew a circuit breaker earlier in the game and someone had to reset the breaker before he could move again.

How was Ricky a sixth man on his team last year??

Coaching pure and simple. Every year with Muss you’ve got that guy that seems to come from nowhere that just takes over.

Got to give Scottie some props here. He was telling us very early, before the season, that he felt certain Ricky would be a top 3 player in minutes played. Assuming Nick will also be top 3, everything we’ve seen points to Ricky, AB, and Nick as our top 3 minute guys. There seems to be a clear separation there.

That’s not a slight to the next 5 or so players. It’s just how good those 3 are. Prior to this year, most of those next 5 or so players would have been starters.

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I felt like Ricky was holding back trying to get others to take the ball and run with it and then when it was still close with 5 minutes to go, he was like the heck with this and just put the game away. . .


Better size helps.

Exactly. Huge last 6.5 minutes.

The wonderful aspect of his play last night is that he has and can replicate that level of excellence. He is not a flash in the pan. He has already become a go-to guy.

Get out of my text messages

Get out my text messages as well. Very similar games.

I can’t help myself.

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