Council will be a Razorback - how could he not?

And seemingly out of nowhere. He is a lot like Toney!

What are you basing that on Bayou?

Just throwing this out there, but JWill, Council, and the twins all still have to pull out of the draft and announce they’re coming back to college before to many people get concerned about numbers

Council has committed to Arkansas? yes or no?

Just a feeling Youda. Just seems to me that the lure of a potential title run, knowing Muss can help him to be all he can be, etc

Ok I got you…whose spot is he taking?? we are already 1 over if J Will stays.

I have a feeling he will be a Hog as well!

Muss knows more about his numbers than any of us, so I will trust him.

If I had to guess, I’d say he took the twins commitment with several conditions attached. We will see how it all plays out, but I think Council will see a huge opportunity here and will want to be a part of what we have going.

Have the twins or Council been invited to the combine?

He’s an incredible talent looking at his highlights for sure… he comes in here there is no way we can play less than 8 players.

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How is Muss going to keep all these guys happy??

Anybody know the numbers now? And is JWill still on the team?

Question when is the drop day time for teams to make their roster?

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There is no drop day time. Somebody could transfer in in August – or in December, as long as we have room. Which, right now, we don’t.

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The latest hot rumor is that Matt Mayer (ex-Baylor player) will be visiting Arkansas next week. It had previously been assumed he was staying in the nba draft, but not anymore apparently. It’s getting really crazy now.

Jeff Goodman reported that we have contacted Mayer, so there is apparently at least a little fire under that smoke. Of course we contact a lot of people, but we’ve seen enough of Mayer (Indy, March 2021) to see that he can ball.

ESPN has an article saying that Mayer may be headed to UNC to take Manek’s spot.

I’m sure I’m in the minority here but I don’t want him, I don’t care how good he is. Kid showed his butt all the time when I watched their games, can’t stand him or his mullet.

When you are in a competitive contest where you win and survive or lose and go home, I’ll take the best talent that is a major reason my team wins as opposed to playing that talent and losing, warts and all. I am in it to win. In a fight I will bite your ear off, gouge your eye out or knee you in the groin-whatever it takes. I have been on the losing side of such a conflict in which I miraculously survived. I have a long memory.

He can’t and he won’t. Be the same as this year, out w the old, in w the new.

I know I answered this elsewhere but where these rumors start I have no idea.


Yeah you do, you’re just to nice to throw him under the Bus

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I hope you still have both of your ears!! :slight_smile: