Council declares for the draft


Thank you C4!!


Loved watching this young man play. Always fun to watch and a good teammate. We would’ve been lost this year without him after Nick got injured.

I can think of a few things here.

  1. Muss might have said if you declare, you can’t come back as I need the scholarship.
  2. Muss might have said, as much as I would love to have you , its time, you aren’t going to improve your draft stock any more by staying.
  3. I firmly believe that Muss puts the kid’s needs above the teams needs. Always supports and tries to help them go pro using his contacts etc.

It was a pleasure watching Council play! I wish him all the best!


Thanks for being a Hog IV!

All the best to the Councilman. The greatest dunking ar’ tiste the U of A has ever seen!

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Ricky was awesome. Among the best dunkers if not the best to ever wear our jersey. Great contributions to our program history

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Ricky I Appreciate all your hard work and dedication to making this season as good as it possibly could be… you really surprised me and hopefully you will be able to achieve your goals of playing professional basketball… good luck to you


He was so valuable and a critical piece on this team… go make some big bucks.


Thanks for being a Razorback, Ricky. Best of luck in the pros.

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Will never forget the way he carried us to the end against Kansas


This is not a slap at Ricky in any way, and it’s ultimately his life and his decision. But…

Your family is probably the last group you should be discussing this decision with. Unless your dad is an NBA scout or GM or a very experienced basketball person, they don’t know if you’re ready for the next level.

Having said that, he also said he discussed it with his “support staff”. If that support staff includes Muss and Muss told him to go, disregard the rest of this post.

And thanks for what you did for this team, RC4.

The reality is that nearly every person in these kids lives have an agenda. The kids need to talk to ALL of them and then make their own decision based on their own evaluation. That is a tough tough thing for a 19-23 year old to do. Families are dysfunctional just like all the rest of us but overall, I would think that the kids family is looking out for the best thing for that student athlete whereas the NBA teams, the Agent, the college coaches all have their priorities which might not be the best thing for that student athlete.

Overall it is not a bad thing to have a lot of great choices in front of you.

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