Council deciding today at noon


I did not see it posted anywhere yet but Ricky Council will announce today at noon. I believe we all know which way this one will go.

I believe this will end the Hogs portaling season after the announcement today. I want to thank Senor Davenport for keeping up and giving us all the details over portaling season. It really is a wild ride for all of us but for sure for Senor Davenport.

I think we did well this portaling season with the new additions and look forward to a new season. I do know my wife is ready for me to stop talking about the portal and hoops for a bit. I am sure your wives are the same way.

Look forward to '23 recruiting and next portaling season. GH


Great post Lynn!

On paper it seems like every new player coming in can play. How Muss keeps them all happy, I have no idea. We all know he won’t go more than 8 deep.

I wish I could come and watch some practices. Everybody on this roster will have to turn it up a notch to get in the rotation.

Only thing I see missing is a veteran shooter.

If “keeping them all happy” means they all play as many minutes as they want, then he won’t keep them all happy.

I wonder if we will see a similar roster turnover this time next year?

I also wonder whatever happened to the APR? Seems all the transfer portal traffic, roster turnover, and extended eligibility has replaced the concerns of academic progress of a program.

I am starting to think we play 8 and it will be fruit basket turnover every yr,just the way it is now days,I don’t really like it at all,I would like to kep the same team for 2-3 yrs but that ain’t happening


Yeah. Basketball really needs the baseball rule for HS recruits. NBA can take the HS seniors they want, but if a High school kid goes to college, he’s there 3 years (or age 21). College basketball teams would improve dramatically.

Obviously it will never happen because the courts would pretty quickly overturn it after the first suit is filed.

I would never expect any coach to “let a player play as many minutes as he wants”.

What I’m saying is how do you spread out the minutes to keep everyone engaged.

It was posted yesterday, but on the basketball board. So, this is good. We also needed one on the recruiting board.

Yeah, I wasn’t meaning to suggest everyone on the roster gets to play whenever/however much he wants.

I was simply stating there will (most likely) be 4-6 players next March who are unhappy with their lack of playing time.

As to keeping them engaged, I think Coach will use the non-conference schedule to mix and match the lineup, while giving 10-12 guys the opportunity to see who will become the 7 (or 8) that will almost exclusively play from mid January through early April (hopefully).

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Some of us have husbands. Mine doesn’t keep up with portaling or recruiting, but I try to keep him informed.


That is very nice of you to do that.

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He has almost improved the roster per man. Incredible job.

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The NBA makes that rule, just as MLB does for baseball. It could be collectively bargained, and once it is, courts won’t throw it out. Maurice Clarett tried to get the NFL rule thrown out after Tressel kicked him out at Tattoo U. No such luck, because it’s part of the NFL CBA.