Couldn't sleep last night

I keep saying, Mike we don’t have enough pitching. But I sure wish we had a chance.

And then to think OU and O Missey are last and next to the last 3 or 4 teams that I like.

We as a fan base are just snake bit. I can’t put it into words. About ready to take a break from HI and rest up. As I start up my construction firm 1 last time, I think. (BTW my wife thinks I’m nuts)


2021-22 was probably the most successful athletic year (combined men and women) UA has ever had.

We are not snake bitten.

The refs aren’t against us.

The announcers don’t hate us.


When the final Directors Cup standings come out next week, we’ll be seventh. Last year we were eighth, our best finish ever (neither OU or the Rebnecks can pass us in the final standings regardless of what happens in Omaha).

I despise both OU and Ole Miss. I think this team maximized the talent to get where it did, especially without even a 2nd strong starter, much less a 3rd. Losing Palette really hurt. Stovall and Turner getting on a roll helped a lot. With that said, DVH will put together another strong squad for next year. You can’t win the whole thing without getting there and he’s doing a great job getting us there.

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