Could we really pull this off?

Trey Biddy reporting that Morris and Venables are tight from their days at Clemson and that Arkansas will back up the truck and try to get Venaables as DC and Associate HC. How awesome would that be?

Election season is over, but I approve this message.

With a $1.7 million salary, you better believe Venables has a buyout unlike most assistant coaches. That, coupled with the discrepancy between the Clemson and Arkansas programs, makes this potential hard to believe. Maybe I’m wrong, but I just don’t see that happening.

What would be Venables upside - for him. Only from a biased Arkansas standpoint could it even be viewed as a lateral move.

Associate HC would constitute a promotion, albeit not a huge one; Clemson’s assistant HC is the tight end/special teams coordinator, Danny Pearman. The only other upside is if we threw like $2.5M+ at BV.

I would love that - Wow! But why in would he possible consider such a thing? I thought the Gus deal was crazy, but this is even more so.

Like the way you think. Doesn’t Venables have a son who will be a freshman at Clemson next year? And a really good prospect at that.

It would be great if he were to come, but the significant thing about this is that apparently Morris has been given a large budget to hire his assistants.

There is absolutely no football reason for Venables to leave Clemson for Arkansas.

Glad to have Morris as our new HC and it will interesting to see who will be the new DC. Hope Morris hits the recruiting trail quick and hard.

Woo Pig.

Trey may wind up being right but he was the guy telling everyone the plane was going to be in the air Saturday night and Gus had 5 hours to be on it. Then, he added there would be a KYSO addition with the Gus hire. He has some damaged credibility right now.