Could we have beaten NJIT without Kopps?

To be honest I did not see one pitch of that game and was too preoccupied with something else to even follow the game online. I was shocked to learn when he entered the game and how many Innings he pitched. Now I know that DVH forgotten more than I will ever know about managing a pitching staff. Still, I sure would like to have those pitches back. All of them!

Our pitchers weren’t sharp. Don’t know but it would have been nice to have him follow Lockhart last night.

I’m not so sure I’d have wanted him following Lockhart. I believe when LL left the game we were already behind or tied. Our problem last night was hits. No pitcher can get you runs & that’s what we needed.

True, but I would love to be going into tonight with a KK that had not pitched on Friday and pitched a little less on Saturday.

I think he will be fine. I’m just hoping we don’t really need him. This team needs to be aggressive and show Nebraska why they are number 1. Move Franklin down the order, he’s having a heck of a time even seeing the ball.

Our major problem last night was poor defense. And the bats! You can’t give you opponent extra outs! The hogs committed 3 errors last night.
They also failed to score with runners at first and third with 1 out! You have to put the darn ball in play! The whole team keep on swinging for the fence last night. Just ask yourself how many times a hitter attempted to go to the opposite field with 2 strikes?

Oh, me too. However, I was saying I would not have wanted Kopps to pitch last night (unless we had a lead to protect.) We didn’t have a lead past the 5th inning. Had we put him in at that point, we’d have still lost 5-3. I don’t think anyone thought we were done scoring after the 3rd inning. At that point we were up only 3-2. Yeah, I’d have liked to have won without Kopps Friday night, but at the time we put him in, it wasn’t clear we were going to. DVH put him in to stop what looked like was going to be a runfest for NJIT. Had he not done so, we might not have gotten past yesterday.

absolutely. The problem last night was not pitching. It was a problem Friday afternoon, but not last night.

Yep. Defense let us down. I counted 2 runs they shouldn’t have got.


3 runs! It also put old man Mo back in their dugout! Old Mo can carry the underdog and that’s what happened. Tonight the hogs need to send a quick clear message with their offense, pitching and defense.

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