Could we get hot in our outside shooting and make another run in the dance?

I want to meet Alabama in the Dance!

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I do too, Fred, because the only way that happens is in the national championship game.

I just did my ESPN bracket. I didn’t pick us to make the NCG. I didn’t pick Bama to make the NCG either. But we’ll go farther in the tournament than they do.

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Is it possible? Sure! Is it probable? No.

This team has not shown that they can play basketball for 40 minutes. There have been a lot of reason thrown out, but they have yet to show it.

Tough year men. We can’t expect this bunch to all of a sudden become good. I bet the Illini wins and we go home. Not a good team, the Hogs. Load up for next year.

I won’t disagree with your prediction! I do hope our hogs win a couple of games but it would take divine intervention. I’m not as pumped up about this years team. I hope Muss gets some shooter in the portal! Stute from Vandy but the portal this morning. He and shot the 3!

Hope springs eternal! :wink:

When I filled out my bracket, I did a double take. It looks to me like we’re in the most difficult one of the bunch. I’m sure the data and analytics can make an argument for the other 3 sides of the bracket, but when you just look at the teams, this looks like the most difficult one to get through from the first round to the Final Four. Now, that doesn’t just apply to us; Kansas has to get through that bracket as well.

If we make it to the Elite Eight with this group in this quadrant, this will be the most impressive coaching feat of Muss’ career to me.

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GREAT POST!!! Keep em coming.

Well Nick has not yet played like a first round draft choice but the rest came true. Go hogs.

Well we have UConn or Saint Mary’s next. SMC lets the air out of the ball. UConn is just big. Will be interesting to see who comes out of that one tomorrow.

Heck I guess I’m going to have to give her a call now and see what she says… lol!

Great win yesterday!!!

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We haven’t gotten hot from outside but we’re in the second weekend anyway.