Could this be the answer to JWill and the NBA Combine

This mock draft was updated the first day of the NBA combine. From NBA

JWill # 26 pick to Dallas

JD Notae at # 58.

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If he got a 1st round guarantee, then I can’t fault his decision. I still am praying for him to come back and lead us to our 2nd natty, but if he’s got a guarantee from Cuban, and gets a chance to play with Luka, that would be hard to pass up.


no brainer.

Everyone seems to be assuming that it was JWill’s decision to sit out the game the other day. That may not be the case. And they could have told him to sit out because he’s convinced them he’s draft-worthy, or because he convinced them he isn’t. So we wait and see.

1 pick ahead of Kessler, hmmm.

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