Could this be a way to allow fans in the stands?

I was just thinking out loud today and wondering if this might be a way to allow fans in the stand

  1. Cut the attendance down to 1/3 capacity with about five or six seats in between each person which is basically what the Miami dolphins are talking about doing.
    2 if you have a pre-existing condition, then you are not allowed to come to the game and you really should not want to.
  2. Everybody entering the game will have their temperature checked, you have a fever, you are not allowed in.

I don’t know if this will do anything or not but it does seem to allow people who are not at risk to be able to go… I think after leading the game or anytime really, that if you have anybody in your family who has a pre-existing condition that is probably not in their best interest to get near them until vaccine.
Anyway that’s my two cents on how we MIGHT could have fans

I don’t know how you would take 25,000 temperatures outside RRS on a game day. Especially if you have to line up six feet apart to get scanned. The line might go down to Baum. Of course, the whole issue here is people who are asymptomatic carriers. They wouldn’t have a fever either. But they could infect others at the concession stands, in the restroom, milling around the concourse.

The dolphins model had everybody wearing masks wish I suppose you could help cut down the possibility of spread… but then Dang masks are hot, my city justs aid that everybody had to wear a mask when you enter a business,.that’s why I go in and out of Walmart in about 10 minutes because that thing is hot and hard to breathe in. It would be tough to watch a game in 95-degree heat with one of those things on.

I agree. That 1918 photo I found on Twitter, GaTech fans wearing masks (and coats and ties)… gives me heatstroke just thinking about it.

I noticed the German soccer league is reopening, with empty stadiums. I’m afraid that’s what we’re going to be looking at, either that or no sports at all. And a possible viral surge in the fall only makes it that much more dangerous.

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I heard that! I didn’t think it would be that bad until the first time I put it on! I knew right then I wouldn’t be able to keep it on Long…

Yeah I think we will probably have to start off with nobody in the stands, I was just thinking of a possible way to do it.nobody has called me and asked my opinion so I’m definitely not important :slightly_smiling_face:

Move the season back one month. That would eliminate most of the stifling heat, which occurs in those Sept games. You also wouldn’t need to have 6 feet between every seat. I assume it is fine if immediate family members sit close together. Managing that seating arrangement, however, would be a nightmare.

Yes the seating would be a huge nightmare determining who gets those tickets…the only thing about backing the season up one month it pushes the end of the season into a very dangerous time for the virus to spread.Although our biggest Peak did not occur until Feb,March really, so that could be a possibility.

People that are much better informed than we are are trying to figure this out (including Hunter Yurachek). But it seems like the target is moving every week, if not every day, as we learn more. It’s gonna be really interesting to see which sports/league/country is willing to let fans come in first.

I haven’t gone over the Dolphins’ plan in detail but from what I’ve heard it seems to make some sense. Although in Miami the stifling heat lasts until December.

I cannot imagine people staying six feet apart while standing in line at the men’s room. Or, are they not going to have the bathrooms open? This old man can’t make it through an entire game without going to pee.

Not sure that math works, youdaman.

If you have “5 or 6” empty seats in between each person, that means 5 empty seats - then a live fan - then five more empty seats. It would be more like 18-20%, depending on how many seats were in a row per section.

Can’t get 1/3 of the crowd in that way!

Beyond that, there is the logistical nightmare of just who gets to come. If I have 2 seats, and you have 4 right next to mine…who comes? Does one of my two take my “seat” (IF I’m allowed to come??), and one of your 4 take your one seat? It’s not as simple as 4 coming and sitting spread apart; we all have seats assigned to us that are contiguous. So if 1 of my 2 is “fortunate” enough to be on a “live” seat, the other will not be (and neither may). And of your (hypothetical) 4 tickets, only 1 (unless you’re pretty unlucky) will be “live”.

It would be impossible for the ticket office to randomly decide who of the ticket holders get in. The only "fair’ way would be first come, first serve until the “social spread” max number was hit. They everyone else would not be allowed to come in. But in that case, those lucky ones would have to sit on the designated seats. That’s not fair to those who paid premium bucks to procure those seats.

It’s just a mess, any way you slice it.

well I definitely hadn’t put pencil to paper and figured exactly how it would work, I was just mentioning a suggestion of what they might could do to get fans in the stands,but leave it up to you to actually go to the trouble to actually see if what I was saying was correct lol always trying to prove somebody wrong it’s hilarious. :slightly_smiling_face:…I know the Miami dolphins are putting together something very similar to that with them wearing masks and concessions being picked up at a certain and I agree on something for sure it is a mess but I was just bored and thinking of a possible way it might could happen…more than likely we will start without fans and I feel pretty positive about that because baseball will start up pretty soon ,Korea has already showing you it can be done. It will definitely be interesting to see how it works out between now and September.*dm45LWRodkMwVzVtQmlseWFuallFakNPTUNNV2VXcW5ldEFPZWx1NmJiaV9HVGtwRjlJbDR0c1RuQ0F4TEVpbA…

How do you plan on enforcing this?

Hard to do for sure but if someone with a pre-existing condition were to come to the game then that probably wouldn’t be too smart… you are just have to hope people realize the incredible risk they would be enduring if they did have a pre-existing condition, I can pretty much guarantee you there wouldn’t be too many wanting to sign up to go to a stadium with 20-30,000 people in it if they had a condition like that… hey I know I’m dumb but I’m not stupid :slightly_smiling_face:

From what I hear being talked about in Congress they are looking at setting into law limits to liability for businesses as they begin to reopen across the country.
I’m pretty certain that if and when sporting and entertainment venues open back up with fans those institutions will have a measure of protection from liability.
So, in the case of a person with an at risk health condition decides to attend one of these events they would assume personal responsibility for said risk.
They don’t want to see ambulance chasing lawyers start a bandwagon of litigation while businesses begin the process of reopening our economy.

I agree with Wiz. It’d be a mess. However, I suppose we could have something like a 20% ticket sales. If we did that, we’d have to come up with a completely different priority arrangement. Maybe people would accept being allowed to buy 2 tickets together for only 1 or 2 games for the year. If there are 30k season ticket holders, put them in a lottery where they get 2 games with 2 ticket each. Space the seats out so no two are within 6-8. The problem is that some high dollar donors would likely be in the UD’s. About the only way this works is that everyone accepts that this is a weird year & that any seat is better than not being allowed into the stadium. Might be able to sell the private box seats & allow no more than a limited number in each of those.

Of course, I have no idea how many season ticket holders sit where. Perhaps its possible to put 15k in the lower decks & still keep them apart. Then maybe sell 2,000 seats to the general public & scatter them in designated UD seats.

I guess it’s feasible to do it. It’d beat having nobody there & it’d give some a chance to get in.

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Let’s just hope we can get thru the month of September without an on campus covid case such that UofA or other schools must shut down, including athletics. No doubt hungry attorneys are considering their legal opportunities with this virus. This may be the time for legislatures to mandate legal liability protections for colleges, universities, & their athletics.

This season, if we are able to have one is obviously going to be different.
So, would you guys think that the powers that be could possibly look at trimming the game schedules back by say two non-conference games, start the season on Sept.26 ending on Dec.5 for a total of ten total games, 2 non- conference games and full conference schedule.
This type of schedule covers 11 weeks total and would allow every team to still have a bye week during its season which they need.
By moving the season back in this scenario, those schools that didn’t get their full allotment of spring practices would be allowed to do so.
Also, by moving the schedule and cutting it by a couple of games it would allow about one more month of planning while not extending the season hardly at all.
May help everyone concerned about the heat issue in more warn weather climates.
Power 5 schools would need to reschedule the 2 dropped non-conference games in the next available slots for a future season.

As AD HY said, there are a number of stakeholders who will have their say, including college administrators, fans, players, students, parents, coaches, and faculty. First, you have to reopen the college. Then, you have to have the players on campus far enough in advance of the season to prepare to play. And, finally, you have to have an opponent who has done the same and can either travel to Fayetteville or be open for the Hogs to play on the road. This is going to be tough on the current schedule.

I love sports and I am a huge live music fan. Living in Austin, Tx live music is as much a part of the culture , if not more , to the city than the Longhorns are, but I will not be attending live sports or live music for probably the next year. It is just not worth it. Texas is opening back up for business now even though positive cases, hospitalizations, and deaths are still going up. I want no part of that.

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