Could This Be a Turning Point?

Sorry to compare the Allen brothers, but I think this merits it. Looking back at last season, the multi-OT game against Auburn seemed to be a turning point for Brandon Allen, as it appeared that everything finally fell into place and he started throwing with confidence and it really showed up the rest of the season.

Could this OT game against TCU be a similar turning point for Austin and as well as this years offense? It appeared that we got a little more confident with the play calling on that last drive and in OT, so maybe we open things up a bit more for Austin.

I don’t think it was a turning point. I think it was a normal progression. Last week was his first start. He learned from it. But he did not have the history that BA had. BA’s experience with few good receivers and being thrown in the fire vs. Bama, would scar most QBs. Austin has not had that to overcome.

But to expect him to need no adjustment time would be a mistake. There is always an adjustment to the full speed of a game.

Only time will tell. The Hogs will take care of Texas State but A&M will be another battle that goes down to the wire. This past game will help in that perspective and knowing that this team does not quit. The SEC Wars start soon and Murderers Row will take its toll on the best of teams.

Agree with BLH. There would have to be a point from which his game was worse in order for it to be a turning point. I think Austin’s passing accuracy is as good as Brandon’s as a senior. I don’t think Austin is better at this point than Brandon was as a senior though. Austin has had a luxury that Brandon didn’t in that he wasn’t thrown into the fire too early and got to witness an Enos offense for a year before having to execute it. I’m glad Austin has already put to rest any doubts about whether he should be the starter. The media guys knew this well before the rest of us and their reports have been verified by his play.