Could the 15U Wings be another Hog 5? … gs-talent/

Let me repeat. So much talent in that 2020 class and not enough schollies to go around.

But are those kids high on the Hogs? Is the Wings organization as Hog-friendly as the Hawks and Bill Ingram?

I know Chris and Gerald likes the Hogs. I have talked to Devonte abut schools. Yes, the Wings are very Hog friendly, but like responsible organization they’re not going to tell a kid where to go.

If Gerald improves as projected, it is possible he could become a Cal recruit and we all know what that means. He appears to have the highest upside among the Wings 5 and Moody. But then again, these kids are only 15 and different kids progress at different pace.

Definitely. I’m not ready to say theses guys are going to be the next coming of the Hog 5 or beyond, but the possibility exists.

I really like the Davis kid. Moore is a grown man

Response- when you bring length in the discussion where are this guys, I don’t think you have a 6’9 or above in the lot. I agree they all appear to be skilled but no real height, only 6’6 or 6’7 at best, please correct me if I missed something.

A friend in Jacksonville says both the Lighthouse kids are grade risks.

At 15?

Sad to say but Jacksonville kids seem to always be grade risks. First thing I thought of.

The Wings organization has historically been Hog friendly i.e. Watkins, Hannahs, Kingsley, Glaspar, Harris, Portis, Madden, Michelson, and Bell. If you have an opportunity to watch the 15U team, Davis (6’1, left handed) at the point is as close to a young D. Fox of Kentucky as you will find. They are an extremely talented group !!!

Yeah, at 15?