Could somebody that recorded the game...

… please post a clip of the Auburn defender intentionally poking Ty Storey in the eye after the play was over? The broadcast showed it right after the timeout when Kelley came in.

There are Auburn fans out there that say it never happened!

I know Football is a rough sport and bad things happen all the time, but THAT is NOT Football. And it is not Three Stooges humor either.

I’m rewatching the game right now and will try. The first thing I’ve seen is auburn committed a block in the back on first punt return. Should have been called all the way back. So obvious.

I know this is also not what you were asking…but when I watched the first half replay last night I thought that the OL for Auburn got a fistful of Dre’s jersey and held it for more than a count which just barely enabled Stidham to escape Dre’s reach on the TD right before halftime. I know the refs can’t get every call right but this one was somewhat on the perimeter and should have been fairly easy to spot. I also know they probably teach the players to “play-through” and not get caught up in refereeing but it does seem like the big DL that “feign” holding typically get the call.

Not saying it would have changed the outcome but it was a big “non-call” at the time. I think it would have been third and goal somewhere between the 15-20 instead of a TD. Big difference.

It’s wrong, but these officials know which team is the 30-point favorite, so hopefully it’s not happening, but subconsciously, they may be seeing it and not believing the 30-point SEC home favorite needs to hold the 1-2 team that just lost badly to North Texas.

Auburn has the worst fans for just blatantly denying everything. they have been caught cheating big-time under pat dye, then Bowden has been very open about the blatant paying of players while he was a coach there, then scam/Michael dyer.

Not to mention their years of chop blocking and repeatedly injuring players, “elvators jamming”,players faking injuries on the field under Gus.

and their fans just vehemently deny all of it.

Of course they scraped Ty’s eye in the pile, he was pissed, and had to come out of the game, it appeared our offiials had to replace a contact. but no penalty, no outcry, move along folks nothing to see here. Man, I hate Auburn


By comparison to the Barners, I LOVE the Irish, Tide & Longhorns! :oops:

There was another play they hit a guy in the nuts in a pile, and a couple times they hit Ty and a receiver that had just missed a pass high, that I thought should’ve been called targeting.

Bite your tongue Ramblin’ :o

I’ve been on that elevator. That story is totally believable.

Not to mention the tackles that were led with the head that were not called . They also were blitzing 6 men with the game already decided with 5 minutes left. Plus they ruined Raleigh Williams career with a flagrant face mask in Fayetteville and in the same game a defensive end almost tore BA "s head off with a face mask that was not called. I think they are the dirtiest team we play.

So you are saying that they are a current day Baylor.

That may have happened, but I find it hard to believe it was intentional especially against a team that is a 30 point underdog. Regardless, it is not something most players would do. Players may be given the benefit of the doubt and get away with dirty play once or twice. However, players that intentionally continue to harm other players are likely to be banned from football.

Or worse

Anybody find a replay???

But the coach of that very same team was “our” number 1 target for hire.

Never mine.

At Touchdown Club today, someone mentioned that he would like to have Grant Teaff as a speaker. I said that if we did, I might punch him out. Another friend said that she would not attend if he were there.

What amazed me was that the person that proposed Teaff had no clue about how nasty Baylor was back then.

Under today’s rules Baylor would have had seven or eight ejections per game.

Was just watching the Ark-Aub Inside SEC episode, it is coming back on at 4:00 Eastern. I didn’t start watching early enough to see if they show the eye poke, but they show the hit on Whaley on the little pitch from Storey and I cannot imagine why that hit is not targeting. Whaley was turned away catching a ball and the guy came in high, led with the crown, and hit him helmet to helmet. If that is not targeting I’m not sure why they invented the rule.

I saw the same thing in at least two other instances.