Could SEC basketball become the juggernaut that SEC football is now?

I see a lot of parity, a whole lot of talent, and the possibility of 8 or 9 teams getting in. Why couldn’t we overwhelm with BB athletes like we do with track and field, football, and baseball.

IMO there is NO reason the can’t do that.

WE need to step up to break the ice and get in that top 2,3 every year.

WE would help the SEC…

FBS football has 130 teams with 85 scholarships per team.

D-I hoops has 351 teams with 13 scholies per team.

Since the SEC is more than 10% of FBS, it can corral more than 10% of the talent just by sheer numbers. Then that 10% gets shifted toward the 4-5 star end of the spectrum by the opportunities this league offers.

SEC hoops is about 4% of D-I, with 4% of the talent. Sure that 4% is going to be closer to the top end of the talent spectrum than most leagues, but pure mathematics tell you the impact can’t be the same. The ACC is closer to that dominant position in hoops than the SEC is, but the ACC can’t do that either.