Could Pittman be our Orgeron?

Great recruiter and motivator who players will play hard for? Hire some great coordinators and let them do their jobs?

There was a point, initially, in the CBB era, before Pittman left, where it appeared that something special was about to happen at Arkansas. Great linemen were being recruited and the offense appeared to be a balance of power running and deep passing that could excel. Then he left, recruiting went flat, and we end up where we are now. Could Pittman bring all of that back to the Hill?

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Would he be Ole Miss or LSU Orgeron?

Don’t forget USC…

Pittman doesn’t strike me as the wild man that Orgeron had to grow out of being. He seems to have more on the ball, but there is a concern that he has not been a coordinator, much less a head coach.

He was a HC at a Kansas JC for a couple of years back in the early 90s, and was a HC for a couple of Missouri high school teams for a couple of schools before that. Otherwise he has been an OL coach and recruiting ace, sometimes with fancy titles like “associate head coach” or “assistant head coach”. He’s 58 now, and I don’t recall him being in the mix for any jobs in the past. He’s getting really well paid at Georgia, and if he left Georgia he’d likely make even more money doing the same thing someplace else. I don’t see him suddenly deciding to become a HC.

Good God - this is a dumber idea than rehiring Nutt or Petrino.


Ed Orgeron, Urban Meyer, and Mario Cristobal are a few coaches with no coordinating experience before becoming a HC

Meyer and Cristobal started at the G5 level. Orgeron was a failure as he learned on the job at Ole Miss.

You have been on the “If it ain’t Norvell it is a horrible mistake” for a long time now, all during the CCM reign and now on the search for a new coach. You got anything besides this “one trick pony” to offer? Are you related to Norvell? Are there any coaches being considered (who we have a chance of getting) that you would be willing to support? Anyone? Buehler?


I could go on and on with WINNING, PROVEN HCs that I’d support over a career OL coach that we have no idea how he’d react when live bullets are firing in the 4th quarter in a tie game in Oxford, Arlington, etc.

PS Love the thought of Sam back on staff - just not as HC.

Jackson can defend himself but you obviously haven’t been reading his post, he’s brought many names to the table

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You need a staff just as much as you need a HC. Norvell is the new hot thing, he’s had one head job at a program that Fuente had rebuilt. He’s done well but doesn’t play much D, 0-3 in bowl games, and most importantly…hasn’t been around long enough to have the connections and relationships to put a big time staff together. If he didn’t have some connections to the state and was not nearby, I don’t think he’d be as big of a candidate.

I, for one, would love the Pittman idea. It’s certainly not without risks, just as no choice is without risk. But, Pittman might actually really want it bc it’s a dream job of sorts, he has the respect, experience, connections to put together a top level staff, and would likely play a more CEO role and let the coordinators do their thing.

He would come in and immediately be able to unite the locker room and command respect. His recruiting abilities and the likely abilities of guys he brings on his staff could rebuild the talent level in a hurry.

I think the job is too big for some of these names, Norvell included. It’s not too big for Sam.

He lets his coordinators call the plays and he decides when to go for it on 4th down or punt to pin them deep in their end of the field. Just like Orgeron is doing. I admit that it is a bit of a gamble but it could be worth a shot. Our AD can get his “you build up your buy-out by succeeding” contract he desires while Pittman comes back to his home area to lead the Hogs. The head coach has to be a great motivator and recruiter and he needs to really want the job. Pittman may be your best combination of those three.

To each his own, but I think we need a proven winner at HC and not charismatic figure head.

As for being a great recruiter he sure whiffed a lot on OL his last couple of years.

Like Kiffin?

Norvell has hired excellent assistants at Memphis - many of which have left to coach at P5 schools.

Not my preferred candidate. Preferred to Pittman? Absolutely.

Fair enough.

If I were leading the search, which would not be a good thing, I would be very intent on a few key factors; proven recruiting at the level of recruits we need to compete in the SEC; ability to identify and hopefully attract the type of staff comparable to winning power 5 staffs and the ability to instill a spirit of competitiveness in a team.

While not endorsing Sam, he does know what talent should look like and should know who are good assistants by virtue of some stops along his career. The rest of it, as is likely in the overall process is a crap shoot. All of the above is a bit of my reservation with Norvell and some of the younger coaches. I think this was also part of Chad’s limitations, being on one top staff did not give him enough of a vision of the assistants available to build a quality staff.

Orgeron is from Louisiana, and bleeds purple and gold.

Neither of which are true for Pittman and Arkansas.
Don’t think it’s even close for a comparison.