Could MA take both Embery & Moss (basketball)

Keyshawn Embery #1 player in the state (Oklahoma) class 2018


T.J. Moss #2 player in the state (Tennessee) class of 2018


You have three seniors and six juniors on the roster. They hope to land Victor Enoh in 17 class and they have four committed for the 18 class. That would leave one ship for 18.

Regardless what the numbers look like if you want them, you find a way.

RD, we do have 3 SR’s and 6 JR’s, but don’t we also have an open scholarship? Don’t we actually have 2 more for 18?

You’re right. I got the numbers mixed up.

my understanding as well - two more for 2018 as long as you just sign four in 2017.

Is there someone besides Enoh?

I’ve not seen validation, but Everett Ray 6’7 F out of the Dallas area had us in his top 6. That’s the only other recruit that’s been mentioned with us and hasn’t already eliminated us.

NT :mrgreen:

There’s some other things in the works.

Yes there are.

Remember they are only recruiting in this early period to sign 4.

They will then continue to recruit others in case another scholarship opens as has been the case in many years

If Barford was to go pro (example of scholarship opening), wouldn’t that affect the 2018 classes, if we land a 5th this year?

If Barford were to go pro - something I don’t expect - and they signed a fifth 2017 guy, then it would take away one of six 2018 ones